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Application Criteria & Instructions


  • You must be a graduating senior living in Teller County. 

  • Scholarships will be awarded to students attending a 2 or 4 -year accredited college or university, vocational school, or certification program.  

  • Your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) should be at least 3.0 on the current 4.0  scale. You must demonstrate intellectual promise and academic achievement. 

  • You must demonstrate a potential for leadership and useful citizenship. Examples of this would include extra-curricular activities, community volunteer work and leadership roles within your community such as Key Club.  Scholarships are awarded upon exceptional fulfillment of the above criteria, not necessarily upon financial need or GPA. 

*NOTE:  Students of exceptional or unusual qualifications who do not fulfill the above criteria are still encouraged to apply.

Please attach a letter of explanation of the exceptional circumstances. 


Documents required for the application to be accepted: 

  1. Complete application – Part A 

  2. 1 personal reference – Part B 

  3. 1 extracurricular/ reference – Part C 

  4. Counselor sheet – Part D 

  5. Transcript – Part E 

  6. Personal Motto/Mantra or Impact Statement – Part F 


The deadline is March 31, 2024 

  • Applications will be evaluated by the Kiwanis Scholarship Committee.

  • Selections of scholarship winners will be announced prior to the close of the school year.


  • Winners will be invited to a UPWP Kiwanis breakfast ceremony to accept their scholarship award. 


  • All monetary awards will be paid directly to the college, university, or vocational school on behalf of the student. 

Scholarship Application Form

Part A

Required Document Attachments

Part B

Upload File

Please provide one personal reference letter to be completed by a non-relative, who knows you
well and can advocate for you for this scholarship.

Part C

Upload File

Please provide one extracurricular reference letter to be completed by a non-relative, who knows
you well and can advocate for you for this scholarship. This should be someone who can attest to
your community work, your leadership skills and/or advocacy work at your school, in the
community or in a club, etc..

Part D

Upload File

To be completed by the school counselor or a faculty member and must include:

1. Your name

2. Counselor's name

3. Office Phone number

4. Student's High School start date

5. Student's projected graduation date

Part E

Upload File

Attach your High School transcript.

Part F

Upload File

Personal Motto/Mantra or Impact Statement

By my signature below, I understand that if I am granted a scholarship, I will maintain a  satisfactory academic standing while in college/university/certification program and conduct myself in a creditable manner. Lastly, I affirm that the information in this application is accurate and true.

Thanks for submitting!

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